10 February 2009

17 December 2008

production cars III

Industrial design or whatever. Facade design theme- simple graphic and almost flat surfaces... Anyway that's the last ones, I promise!

12 November 2008


Sketches for fun, or funny sketches?!

05 November 2008


I would like to present you the new Bulgarian automotive brand 'BULshit'.

26 October 2008


I was simply inspired from Alpine A220 for Le Mans and I just did few quick sketches for fun.
(I hate that brown)

20 March 2008


Concept: Where is difference between: alive and inanimate; human and mechanized.

What we see at first place usually is the positive side of the things.
The Design is an emotioanl
perception, which in turn is trying to express its best and positive sides.
However as human beings we
experience more than one feeling at the same time.
Most of the times these feelings are positive or negative, sometime
s they're even mixed together.
Showing all the natural human feelings and expressions leads to the so

Inspiration: Hector Guimard’s architecture.
At this project is reality looked for different body language as natural continues on base design on real model. The best instance for that can be the architecture of Hector Guemard


03 March 2008